A wonderful venue welcomes guests at the Grande Albergo delle Nazioni: a building of great architectural value located between the historic monuments of the fascinating waterfront has always been considered the Hotel Bari in Bari. This area of the city, built in the nineteenth-century and expanded during the Fascist period, is now a valued dall'arteria coastal zone that circumnavigates the old medieval city with a fascinating walk reaches the Romanesque Basilica of San Nicola, an international center of worship preserves the relics of the saint and the destination of pilgrimage for thousands of devotees.

Designed in 1932 as a representative palace and opened in 1935 at the seventh edition of the Fiera del Levante, Grande Albergo delle Nazioni has been declared historical heritage by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage. The 'Transatlantic', so dubbed by the people of Bari, is an institution in the city and its history has entered the popular imagination.

Luxury hotels and fashionable city living has been for over 40 years a favorite destination of aristocrats, movie stars and heads of state. In 1957 the great hall became the center of the 'Theatre Circular' meeting and the intelligentsia. In the Seventies was chosen as the set of the movie 'Stardust' with Alberto Sordi (actor and director) and Monica Vitti. Over the years, the Grande Albergo delle Nazioni has undergone several changes of intended use, then close its doors permanently.

Finally in June 2012, following a major renovation, the building reopens to the public regaining its historic role as a hotel with a renewed image that transforms it into the luxury Grande Albergo delle Nazioni and so is 'returned' to the City.